Things You Need on Your Website

In this episode, I talked about your website, and a few really easy things you should be sure to include on your homepage if you want your website to help you build your audience and attract new customers. 

Links to any resources are below, as well as a list of the website features discussed in the episode are below.

Here are the links to the resources mentioned in this episode:

There is no worksheet or download for this episode, but I’m including the items I covered in the podcast here, in case you weren’t able to take notes.

Here are the items you SHOULD have on your website:

  • A clean, updated design
  • An obvious and easy way to contact you
  • A form for collecting email addresses
  • A “bribe” or free thing you give to someone in exchange for their email address
  • A clear and specific headline
  • A clear message about what help people with, and how you help
  • BONUS ITEM- testimonials

These are the things you should NOT have on your website:

  • Supplier specials and promotions
  • Big links that lead people off your site
  • 10 different colors and fonts


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