Why am I doing this?

Travel Geniuses_Christy Camren-87

Hi. I'm Christy.

Like you, I LOVE the travel industry. Everything about it. Traveling (of course) learning about new hotels and emerging destinations, finding just the right experience for a client's vacation... I could fill this entire page with all of the things I love. 

But there are some things I don't love, too.

There are so many details to take care of when planning a vacation for someone... hotels, transportation, tours, payment dates and deadlines to book shore excursions...

Then add the tasks you need to stay on top of to run your business. You need to be a marketing expert (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook...), a web developer, photographer, videographer, accountant, graphic designer, travel writer...

It feels like a never-ending hamster wheel with no time to enjoy your life, and no way to catch up.

I remember that feeling... At one point I got so overwhelmed and discouraged that I closed my business and got a job working for someone else. And I remember my daughter telling me a few weeks later that she liked it better when I didn't work at home, because in the evenings I was actually present, instead of spending every waking moment working, on or worrying, about my business.

Talk about a knife to the heart.

And that life, my friend, of being so consumed with your business that you miss out on your real life, is what I want to help you avoid, or help you get out of if you're there already.

I want to help you love your job again, and grow a business that provides you with a life you love, instead of making you miss so much of it.

Over the years I've spent a lot of time and money studying marketing, web design, productivity, technology, customer service, processes, and planning... I've had jobs in the travel industry and out. I've worked for small businesses and large corporations. I've been a travel agent, web designer, and a small business coach.

And now - I want to share all that I've learned with you.

I've got big plans for this community. HUGE. But since you're (probably) new here, let's start with step one.

I created a podcast where I share some of my favorite tips for creating a travel agency business you love. We talk about technology, systems, marketing, social media... If it helps you work less and achieve more, then we cover it.

You can check it out here: https://travelgeniuses.com/travel-geniuses-podcast/

So, are you ready to start loving your job again? Then let's not waste another minute! Let's start growing your business the right way, today.