Are you asking yourself this IMPORTANT question in your business?

ONE SIMPLE question has made a huge difference in my business, and now I’m sharing that question with YOU.

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Here’s what we talked about in this episode:

So, what’s the most important question?

HOW can I do this? Or HOW can I do this better?

You can apply this:

  • When you find yourself making excuses “I can’t because I’m too busy.” “I can’t because I don’t know anyone with money.” ” I can’t because I don’t have nice clothes.”
  • When you make a mistake.
  • When the world and the industry changes
  • When you’re trying to start a new habit

Are you struggling to find a solution?
Ask your family and friends for help brainstorming solutions. Or pop into the Facebook group and we can help brainstorm some ideas with you. But DON’T get caught in the “No” trap! So often I see people who are SO attached to their excuses and “why not”s,  that they immediately discount any solutions other people suggest. It’s like they just want to keep those excuses so badly that they shoot down anything that might lead to another result. Don’t do that, or people won’t want to help.

Add this to your weekly or daily routine by reviewing your goals. Did you get them all done? Why not? What can you do better next time to make sure that gets done?

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