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I know - you had BIG dreams when you started your travel business.

You were going to help people see the world in the most amazing ways. You were going to help people go on safari in Africa and see lions and giraffes in their natural habitat. You were going to plan trips to Europe that were completely customized and full off the things your clients love, complete with behind the scenes access and exclusive experiences. You were going to help couples reconnect, and help families create lifelong memories together.

And you were going to have so much fun doing it! Because what is more amazing than the travel industry?!?

And you'd be your own boss so you'd have plenty of time to hang out with your kids, have lunch with friends, and travel yourself.

It was going to be the best job in the world!


But - the reality hasn't quite lived up to those dreams, has it. Instead of planning these amazing vacations for your clients, you're stuck in a cycle of $499 Caribbean cruises and price shoppers who want to know if you can match the price of the big box store down the street.

And there's more to this job than you anticipated. Gone are the dreams of girls nights out and fun afternoons with your family.

Instead, if you're lucky, you're spending most of your waking hours servicing demanding customers (and making $5 an hour, if you really do the math) tracking down commissions, trying to keep up with what's new in the industry...

OR - you're freaking out because you don't have any business coming in, so you're trying to become an expert on all the things people say will work to grow your business - Instagram, Facebook, email newsletters... everything possible to get enough new clients to keep yourself afloat.

Does any of that sound familiar?

It doesn't have to be that way!

What if I told you that that dream you held when you first decided to become a travel agent is possible, and that it is possible FOR YOU?

You CAN have clients who want those vacations you dream of designing and who will value and respect everything you do for them so much that they'll pay HUNDREDS of dollars just to work with you.

You CAN design your business in a way that works for YOU and allows you the time and freedom to live the life you want.

You CAN find a marketing plan that works, that finds you the right clients, and that you enjoy. You won't have to try to do all the things anymore.

AND if you do things right, eventually you won't need to do any marketing at all. You'll have clients who are loyal to you and come back again and again. AND who send their friends and family to their amazing travel agent, too.

What if I told you that you can actually design and grow a business that you love so much, that you miss it and look forward to Monday mornings every week?

That sounds crazy, right?

But it IS possible, and I'd love to show you how.

Have we met?

Travel Geniuses_Christy Camren-66

My name is Christy, and I'm the "voice" of the Travel Geniuses podcast. I started out as a home-based travel agent over 15 years ago and have been involved in the travel industry in some way ever since.

I've also been involved in the business and marketing world - studying with and learning from the best minds in online business and marketing. I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on courses, conferences, books, coaches and one-on-one training with some of the best in the business. And I've spent the last 3 years coaching entrepreneurs just like you through starting and growing their businesses.

BUT I've noticed a huge disconnect between what I've learned in the online business world, and what is taught to travel agents. It honestly makes me angry because there is so much great stuff out there! But it's not getting to you, the travel agents that I love so much. So I set out to change that.

The first solution has been the Travel Geniuses podcast. I hear from agents every week who have made changes to their businesses because of the information I share on the podcast.

But it's not enough.

I know from my experiences trying to start and grow my own business, AND from working with other entrepreneurs for the last 3 years, that knowing what to do and how to do it isn't enough.

I've seen hundreds of entrepreneurs spend thousands of dollars on courses and books, and countless hours watching webinars and attending conferences and not make an inch of progress in their business. Maybe you're one of them. I know I sure was.

And it's not because you weren't smart enough, or hard-working enough. And it's certainly not because you're flawed somehow, and are missing something that these other successful travel agents have.

There are 4 things that every entrepreneur needs, that all the training in the world won't provide

Most of these trainings are fine and contain all the information and steps needed to start and grow a thriving business, but that's obviously not enough.

If just knowing what to do and how to do it would guarantee success, you'd be there by now!  

Anyone can tell you what to do, and even how to do it. The hard part is actually putting what you know into practice. That's where most entrepreneurs freeze, and unfortunately where most experts and "gurus" have left you hanging.

And it's not more discipline, or a better time management system that you need.

Based on my work with hundreds of entrepreneurs (and, let's be honest, my own struggles) I've identified 4 things that entrepreneurs need, that are missing from traditional training available today.

Travvel agent coach 4

#1 - Decision Confidence

This is a phrase I heard Dana Malstaff mention a few years ago in passing, and it resonated with me so much because I've seen this show up over and over again in entrepreneurs, but I didn't know what to call it, or even what it was until I heard her say these words.

You make a choice - a niche you want to specialize in, or a marketing method you want to use to grow your business. And you're so excited! But then...

What if that's the wrong choice? What if you don't really know as much about that niche as you thought you did? What if you don't really have what it takes to use Instagram?

It can be hard to move forward if you're not feeling very confident about your choices. And even if you DO move forward, but aren't feeling very confident, your efforts will be a little wimpy, and so will your results.

#2 Focus

The wonderful thing about the internet is that anything is possible. The terrible thing about the internet is that everything is possible.

It's true! You can work with any kind of client you want to work with and you can use any social media platform you want to reach those clients. Or you can reach them WITHOUT using social media - there are lots of ways to do that, too.

All these choices are a blessing, and also a curse. because they're all so good! They'll all work. And they're all working for someone. We're afraid of missing out THE BIG THING, so we feel like we have to do it all.

So you start one thing, then hear about something new that's working for another agent in town, so you try that one out, too.

But then you read an article about an agent who's selling a million a year doing yet ANOTHER thing, and, what can it hurt? So you add THAT to your plan...

And pretty soon you're trying to attract people in 5 different niches using 10 different marketing tactics and none of it is sticking.

That's because you're spreading your focus and energy among several projects that all take time, and probably require some new skills... So instead of growing your business, you're working really hard, but not making any progress.

#3 Accountability

I hate bringing this up because accountability is no fun. No one wants to "be held accountable". That sounds like punishment to me.

But here's the thing - when you work for yourself, and by yourself, there's no one looking over your shoulder to see if you're actually doing your work. If it's client work, yes - your clients will know if you haven't returned their email, or booked their hotel. But when it's stuff for your business - writing your newsletter, reaching out about a client even you want to do, creating a week's worth of posts for your Instagram account... Who's going to notice if you don't do it?

No one. And these things are sometimes a little scary and uncomfortable at first, so they're things we're always willing to make excuses for not doing, too. The problem is that these are often the most important things for our business.

They're not urgent. No one's vacation will be ruined if you don't post on Instagram this week. BUT, if that's the way you've chosen to grow your business, your business won't grow if you keep skipping it.

I'm sure you've heard the example of working out used for this. Many of us have signed up for a membership at the gym with great intentions only to quit going after a week. Or maybe you were really good about it for 3 or 4 weeks! But then one morning you didn't feel well, or had a lot to do that day, or were out late the night before and didn't want to get up in the morning. When there's no one counting on you to get up and get to the gym, it's super easy to find all kinds of excuses not to go.

BUT if you had hired a personal trainer who was waiting for you at 6AM, you'd be there. Even if you were tired. Even if you didn't feel well. Even if you had a lot to do that day.

#4 Mindset Checks

I'm too old to be a travel agent. I'm too young, too fat, too poor, too new, too tired. No one I know travels. My town is too small. I haven't traveled enough. Everyone wants a deal...

Have you caught yourself saying any of these things? Or maybe just thinking them?

These are all limiting beliefs, and they are the "silent killers" of many business and dreams.

If you don't really think you have what it takes to be a successful travel agent, it will be really hard to stretch yourself and do those sometimes uncomfortable and scary things - because, why bother if you don't think it's going to turn into anything anyway?

These are sneaky little buggers that we often don't even realize are rolling around in our heads, so we often need someone else to call them out when they hear them.

What can you do to combat these roadblocks?

I've spent a lot of time thinking about this.

How can I help travel agents build and grow businesses I know are possible for them? How can I help YOU turn your business into something you love, that doesn't take over your life, but that supports you in living the life you want? What will actually WORK, because I have no intention of being like the other guys, just selling something that sounds good, but doesn't really get results.

Traditional courses don't work. Don't get me wrong. Some courses are really valuable and are worth 10 times more than the cost. But the days of super complete, all in one "this will change your business" courses are over. I've seen over and over again that that's a model that doesn't work because all those other things that I just mentioned? There still there and courses don't provide any solutions for them.

I don't think a traditional coaching program is right either. I'm talking about a "4 one-on-one calls per month" coaching program. First - what if you have a question between calls? Are you stuck, unable to take action until your next scheduled call? And what if one week you have a ton of things to discuss, but the next week you're doing the work and don't really need to talk about anything? And what if you're traveling? I know first hand how hard (and expensive) it is to get on a phone call in the middle of the ocean.


I've looked at a lot of programs, offered by a lot of people, and have used ideas from all of them to design what I think is the perfect coaching program for travel agents.

Basically, I've created the coaching program I wish I had had.


INTRODUCING: Accelleration Coaching for Travel Agents

Here's how it works and what you'll get:



There are a few basic things I think every business needs: a niche and specialty, a digital presence (website, email list, etc), a plan for getting the attention of new customers, a plan for keeping the attention of your prospects and current customers, systems and processes to make sure you're wowing your customers throughout their journey with you, and systems and processes thoughout your business so you're not wasting time on busy work, and are minimizing mistakes.

During this call we'll talk all about your business, and where it stands with all of those categories. This will help us know what we need to work on together, and what your next best step is.

We'll also talk about what you WANT for your business and your life, because there's no point in building a fabulous business if it's full of all kinds of stuff you hate, or if it doesn't leave you with the life you want - because we can't get there if we don't know where "there" is.

This is where all those things we discussed during that call come into play.

No two businesses are the same, and no two business owners want the same things for their lives, so we're going to come up with a plan that builds a business YOU love to support the life YOU want to live. Don't like Facebook? We won't build Facebook into your marketing plan. Want weekends off? We'll design your business to support that.

2  MONTHS  OF  UNLIMITED  COACHING  EMAILS  (phone calls if needed)
The plan RIGHT NOW is to offer email only coaching. What this means is that throughout the week if you have a problem, get a bit stuck, want my feedback on something, etc. you'll just reach out WHENEVER YOU NEED IT and I'll respond. Every week. 5 times a week, whenever you need me.

(Within reason, you guys. I'm building a business I love, too. and that doesn't mean answering 100 emails from you a week, and being available 24/7)

We'll experiment with some other tools, too like Voxer, and Loom. (It's ok if you don't know what those are. We'll figure it all out when we get there.)

This works really well because if you have questions during the week you can get them answered. And if you don't, we don't have to sit through a 45-minute phone call trying to figure out what to talk about. 🙂

Of course, if I feel like a quick phone call will help us get to the bottom of something faster, we'll set one up. I'm not AGAINST phone calls, I just think having something a bit more flexible is better. (And - bonus points for the fact that email can be done when you're traveling, even if the internet is terrible.)

Some of the things I'll be able to help you with - recommending tools to help you accomplish a task, referring you to experts and resources you can learn from, digging up limiting beliefs that might be holding you back, coming up with creative solutions when you're stuck on something.

Remember up there when I talked about accountability? Here it is. These are a small but MIGHTY part of the program. Every week I'll check in with you to see what you're going to work on and get done during the week. Then, at the end of every week we'll check in to see if you got them done, and if not, why not.

If you're struggling to get things done, or are struggling with anything throughout the week, we'll brainstorm ways to improve things so you don't continue to struggle with the same things over and over again.

This is also how we keep you focused on your plan and help you avoid "shiny object" syndrome, too.

These are so, so good!

This is when we REALLY celebrate! We'll look back at where you started, and how much progress you've made and discuss your next steps so you can continue to make progress after we're done. This will give you a bit of a "runway" to continue on, so it's not over, even though it's over.

What does it cost?

You'll get a 45-minute onboarding call, 2 months of unlimited email coaching, weekly check-in and check-out calls, and a 45-minute sendoff call for one payment of $500 or 2 payments of $275. This is a beta round, so the price will literally NEVER be lower than this.

In addition, I'm doing something unheard of. Literally. I'm offering a 30-day money back guarantee, so if, sometime within the first 30 days of coaching you decide it's not for you, just let me know and I'll refund every penny you've paid. I would NEVER want you to pay for something that wasn't working for you. But, I've put so much thought into this. It's literally everything I wish I had had when I started out, and I'm sure it's going to help you make huge strides in your business. I'm so confident that I'm willing to put a month's worth of work on the line.

Space is limited, though!

Like I said, this is a beta version. I'll be testing things out a bit to see how much time it takes to support each of you, and I want to make sure I DO have time for everyone, so this time around I'm limiting it to just FIVE participants.

Want to be one of those 5?

Click this link and shoot me an email me with "I'm in!" and I'll give you all the details 🙂

How do I know if this is right for me?

Just like I want to help you find clients to work with that you LOVE and enjoy so much you become true friends, I want the same for myself, so First, let's talk about who it's NOT right for:

If you are not in a place where you can invest a few hundred dollars a month in your business, (in addition to the coaching) this is not the right program for you right now. Because of the internet, and all the wonderful things it can do for us, you don't need as much money as you would have 20 years ago - you don't have to rent office space, buy a fax machine, etc. etc. 😉

BUT there are still some costs to doing business, and there may be some things that we decide will help your business that cost money. So if you aren't in a place where you can afford to spend a few hundred dollars a month on your business I don't think this program will be a good fit for you.

That doesn't mean I think you have to spend money to get started! Or that I don't enjoy people who don't have money. Please don't think that!  I just don't want you to sink your last bit of money on coaching, and then not be able to really take advantage of it because you can't invest in the other things you need.

If you're looking for a quick fix for your business and more clients next weeks, this is not the right program for you. I'm sure there are ways to get new clients in a few weeks, but that's not what I do here. I don't want you to get a bunch of clients who are not the right fit for you, who are a struggle to work with, and have you still hating your business at the end of the day. What we work on here is designing your business so that at the end of it all you LOVE your clients and they love you. You are NOT overworked and underpaid, but don't even really consider much of what you do "work". And you have the freedom to enjoy time off every week, and make enough money that you feel really great about it all.

Building that takes time and there are often some foundational things that need to be put into place to make that happen.

I'm not saying you WON'T get new clients by the end of our time together, just that that isn't necessarily the end goal. The end goal is to help you find the RIGHT clients, and that sometimes takes a little bit more time, but is so worth it.

If you're not willing to do the work, think differently, try new things, and fail a few times, this is NOT for you. This will take ALL of that. I'm going to ask you to do things you may not have thought of before, and to take action, even if you're not sure it will work, and to be OK if things don't work out the first time you try them. That's how you learn! Each "failure" gets you one step closer to the things that WILL work, so if you're not willing to take that chance, this process won't work for you.

And finally, whiners and excuse-makers are NOT allowed in this program. If you're constantly whining about rebaters, and the internet, and making excuses about why you can't do something and why it won't work for you, nothing will work, honestly. We're not going to talk about why things won't or can't work, we're going to figure out HOW we can make it work for you, so if you are going to have 10 excuses for every idea we come up with, please don't apply.


Now that that's out of the way, here's who IS a good fit for this program:

If you're excited to learn and grow, you're a perfect fit.

I'm going to challenge you to think differently about your business. It doesn't have to be drudgery, it can be FUN! If that excites you, I'd love to work with you.

If you're interested in growing a business, not just getting access to FAMS and "travel agent discounts" this is the perfect program for you. Helping someone take a 5-day whirlwind trip to Hawaii, touring 5 hotels a day for $599 is not what lights me up. I'd rather help you grow a business you love, that earns you enough money to pay your own way to Hawaii, where you get to relax with your family at the Four Seasons the whole time. If that sounds more exciting to you, I'm your girl.

Does this sound like you?

Click this link and shoot me an email me with "I'm in!" and I'll give you all the details 🙂


Nope. I could never. And I would question anyone who does. I feel pretty confident that you'll make progress in your business. But I can't guarantee what that progress will be. There are just too many variables - how long have you been in business? What systems do you have in place already? How many customers do you have? How much time do you have to commit to working on it?

That said, if at any time during the first 30 days you don't feel like you're making progress, you can ask for a refund and I'll provide it, no questions asked.



Yes and no. I can definitely point you in the right direction, and I can help you with some small things, but anything major like adding features to a website, or setting up your autoresponder will be outside of the scope of this program. HOWEVER, I do have a lot of resources so I'll definitely be able to help you find someone who can help you out.



Maybe? How's that for an answer.

It honestly depends on your business and what you need. For instance, if you decide you want to use Instagram for one of your marketing channels, I know enough to help you get started, but you may need to invest in some tools to help with scheduling. If you want to use Pinterest, though, I don't know as much about that so would probably have you learn from a Pinterest expert, and that would probably require that you purchase a course or other materials. I'd help you implement what you learn so it doesn't go to waste, but the cost of the course isn't included in this program.



Don't miss out! Make 2019 the year your business takes off!

Click this link and shoot me an email me with "I'm in!" and I'll give you all the details 🙂