Do you NEED a blog?

In this episode, we learn the truth – do you really even need a blog? And if so, what do you even do with it?

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You’ll find links to everything mentioned below the podcast.

Here are the links to the resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Temi (Super cheap transcription program)
  • Tape a Call – Sorry! This is more expensive than I thought it was. It’s actually $30 a year, but is worth it if it helps you get started blogging. You can also use it to record client calls, so you can listen back later to make sure you didn’t miss anything important.
  •  Android users – you can try Automatic Call Recorder Pro. It’s only $7
  • Hemingway App – the website is a little confusing. All you have to do is delete the text they have there, and paste your own! You don’t have to follow every suggestion, but it will at least help you find areas that might be too “wordy”.

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