Do you REALLY need more clients for your travel agency?

Audio Newsletter 2 – Do you REALLY need more clients?

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(This is an auto-generated transcript of me speaking, so it won’t read as cleanly as something I wrote out… Please forgive any typos and grammatical errors. And ums… )

Welcome to the second audio newsletter for travel geniuses. It’s been about six weeks. I looked up when the last one went out and while that’s not great, I definitely would like to be in touch more often than that, it’s better than when I was trying to do the text-based newsletter. So I think this might work for me.

It’s still a little complicated, which is why it’s been six weeks, because I’m not looking forward to all the steps I have to go through after I record this to get it in your inbox. So I’ll still be working on simplifying that, and if you’re interested in doing this yourself I will put something together once I’ve worked out all the kinks so that if you are interested, you can save yourself some¬†mistakes and doing things the hard way. So keep an eye out for that. If that’s something you’re interested in.

I do want to thank all of you who submitted your feedback. I really appreciate that. And. I am working on a couple of the suggestions you guys said as well. So thanks for that. Okay. Now let’s get into the topic of this newsletter. It feels weird calling it a newsletter because I’m talking and not typing, but the title and the subject of the email that I sent and the title of this audio newsletter is.

Do you really need more clients and I’m sure some of you read that and were like, oh my gosh, what a dumb question. Yes. I need more clients. That is the thing I’m desperate for right now. When I ask the intake questions for my Facebook group, one of them is what’s your biggest frustration with your business?

What do you need more help with? What do you wish you could fix and overwhelmingly, the number one answer I get is some variation of, I need more clients. I need help with marketing, things like that. And. I know that that is the thing you think you need the most, but I want to challenge you on that.

Let’s say that you get exactly what you want and you wake up tomorrow. And boom, five more clients with bookings and they’re ready to go and then the next week or the next month you get the same every week you get five new clients week after week or month after month

That might sound like a dream come true, but if you don’t have things in place to be able to handle that many clients, to make sure that you are working efficiently and can service them all really well in the way you want to, or if they’re not the right kinds of clients, if maybe they’re to destinations or a type of travel that you don’t enjoy booking or don’t want to book, or maybe.

Uh, maybe they’re just rude. And Not the kind of people you want to have to work with on a regular basis that dream come true can very quickly turn into a nightmare.

So I want to challenge you this week to really sit down and think about your business. What is it now and what do you want it to be? And ask yourself if the answer of marketing help or new clients and more clients is off the table, when I’m asked, what do I want most for my business? What do i find most frustrating or overwhelming what would I change if I could wave a magic wand and suddenly everything would be perfect what would your answer be

I know this can be hard to answer because we’re not used to thinking this way. And we’re usually told that more clients and better marketing will solve all of our business problems. So I want to give you a couple of examples or, um, just things that I’ve written down quickly that I think. Business owners need before they start thinking about more clients and better marketing. And honestly, I think solving some of these things first will make the "more clients and better marketing" question go away completely.

And I just want to make sure I make it very clear that I do not believe that business is one size fits all. And even within the travel industry and with travel agents. What one person wants and needs is completely different than what somebody else wants and needs. So these are not answers that will fit for all of you. It’s just to kind of get your brain thinking in a different way.

So maybe you need more clarity and confidence in what value you bring to your clients and why somebody should work with you.

And this could help you. Solve that marketing problem, because you’d feel super confident about talking about it. But if you’re not clear about really how much value you bring and how much better off people are working with you, it can make that a lot harder.

You might need more clarity around who you help and how you help them. And. This is all about choosing your niche. And I feel like this literally comes up. Every time I open my mouth to talk to you guys. I think I mentioned this in every episode, but I really believe this is so important. If you haven’t heard me talk about this before, for me, your niche is who you help. It’s not.

The destination you specialize in or the type of travel. And if you want to learn more, if you haven’t heard it a million times already. Episode three is all about that.

But being clear on this will help make sure that you’re building the right business when you are building it. Because imagine building a business with a bunch of people that you don’t even enjoy working with. And getting all these referrals and then realizing that was a bad move and having to start from scratch later

Another thing that you may need outside of more clients and help with your marketing is systems and processes. And these will help you stop spinning your wheels, doing the same things over and over again, making everything harder than it has to be. And it’ll also help you make sure you’re doing your best work for every single client and not just doing your job, but knocking their socks off so that you’re earning those referrals.

Instead of being really overwhelmed with all the work. Work not doing your best job and then losing those customers that you worked so hard to get in the first place.

Obviously, there are other things that you might feel like you need help with in your business. And if you could wave a magic wand, lots of things you would fix immediately. But this should give you a little start. And even within these things that I’ve mentioned, there are lots of specifics. So these are just general.

Um, ideas, but for each one of you, there are going to be specific things that you want systems and processes for, or, that you want to get really clear on in your business.

And all of those things are possible to find solutions for, but first, you need to know what you need and just defaulting to, I need more clients and I need more marketing. Help is not going to help you find the solutions to the things you really do need help with

So maybe set aside some time this next week to really sit down and ask yourself, what do I need help with in my business? What am I frustrated by? What do I wish I had a solution to? What do I wish was easier? And take that marketing a new client’s part off the table and just see what comes up. And then you can start working to find solutions to those.

And like I said, I really think that doing this will make all that marketing and finding new clients stuff just happen. On its own or it will be a lot easier

And then I would love it. If you would send me an email at or just reply to this email. Since this isn’t a podcast episode, it’s a newsletter. So you can just hit reply to this email and let me know what you’ve come up with. This not only holds you a little bit accountable and get you really thinking about this, but also gives me ideas for future podcast episodes. So I would definitely love to hear if this was helpful at all, and if this helped you look at your business in a different way and feel maybe more hopeful about it because marketing and more clients are really big ideas, and it’s hard to even know where to start in solving those issues. But some of the more specific things I think will make it a lot easier for you to make progress and feel a little more hopeful in your business as well.

And we can all definitely use a little bit of that. So I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what you think and what you’ve come up with. And I will hopefully be back sooner than six weeks from now with another newsletter.