We talked about why I think you should be charging fees in episode 3. In THIS episode, we’re going to talk a little bit more about HOW to do that.

You’ll find a list of the things mentioned in this episode below the podcast player.

Here are the links and downloads for this episode:

  • If you want to learn more about the book club/study group, you can do that HERE
  • CRM systems mentioned in the podcast: TravelJoy. TESS, Vacation CRM
  • Payment Processors: Stripe, Paypal, Wave
  • Questions to ask yourself to help you gain the COURAGE to charge fees:
    • Make a list of ALLLLLLL the things you do for your clients. Keep a notebook by your computer all week and list every little thing, no matter how small or how easy it is. These all add up! Then attach a dollar value to them.
      See how valuable you are??
    • Make another list and think about all of the things you can promise your clients.
  • Create a Courage Sheet! list out all of those tasks you do, add all the things you can promise your clients, and then sprinkle in a few testimonials and kind words you’ve received, and laminate this if you need to and keep it handy so you can remind yourself what a rock star you are. Do this before every consultation call where you know you’re going to have to ask about fees.
  • Practice! Plan what you’re going to say about your fees and how you’re going to ask, and then practice practice practice. Repeat it to yourself until you start saying it in your sleep and it feels super comfortable. This will help you say it with more confidence when the time comes to have that conversation in real life.

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This month we’re going to work through this together so if you get stuck, have questions, or just need a little cheering on, I’ll be there to help, along with the rest of the Travel Genius community.

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