If you’re SURE you don’t have ADHD, you should listen to this episode

If you had asked me a few months ago if I had ADHD, I would have said a very confident no. It wasn’t just that I hadn’t considered it, but that I knew what it was, have family members with it, and was positive that I didn’t have any of the classic symptoms.

Turns out I was wrong.

So in this episode I’ll talk about why I was so sure I didn’t have ADHD, share some of my symptoms, tell you why I think ADHD brains are so awesome!! and offer some places to get started if you see yourself in any of what I’m talking about here, and want to look into it further.

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You’ll find links to everything mentioned below the podcast.

Here are the links to the resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Instagram accounts about ADHD that I follow:
    • Chalene Johnson: Business expert with ADHD, and the account that started the whole journey for me
    • Jessie Romero: ADHD entrepreneur and coach
    • Katy Weber: ADHD activist and coach.
    • Dr. Amen: Psychiatrist with tons of books about ADHD. Lots of info here about brain health, supplements, etc.
  • Other resources:
    • ADDitude Magazine: Tons of great articles about ADHD including:
      • That dry passage I read about Executive Function:
        Executive function is the cognitive process that organizes thoughts and activities, prioritizes tasks, manages time efficiently, and makes decisions. Executive function skills are the skills that help us establish structures and strategies for managing projects and determine the actions required to move each project forward. Individuals with executive dysfunction often struggle to analyze, plan, organize, schedule, and complete tasks at all — or on deadline. They misplace materials, prioritize the wrong things, and get overwhelmed by big projects.
      • And this one, that talks about how it feels to be so misunderstood your whole life, but includes links to some other articles to help you move past it. Has ADHD Warped Your Sense of Self? It’s Time to Reclaim Your Story — and Power
    • Here’s a really good self-test for women (that I didn’t realize was by the ADDitude Magazine)
  • Books:
    • ADHD 2.0 – So far, this is the only book I’ve actually read and enjoyed. It’s not too academic, and not too silly, and has helped me understand how my brain works a bit better, AND offers some strategies to work WITH it.
    • A Radical Guide for Women with ADHD – I couldn’t get into it, but it is often recommended, so I’m including it in case YOU might find it helpful. There are worksheets and thought questions, but seemed more geared towards helping you be OK with your diagnosis, and at least right now, I’m already OK with it.
    • You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy? – This is another often recommended book, so I’m listing it, but I wasn’t able to get through it. It was a little too silly for me, and I’m not the fun kind of ADHD 😂


TRANSCRIPT (coming soon)

(please note that this is a transcript, not a written blog post, or article. It’s pretty much word for word what was said on the podcast, which is just me talking to you, my friends, so will sound different than something I wrote.)