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Do you LOVE your business?

You had big dreams when you started your business. 


You were going to spend your days immersed in the world of travel - designing amazing vacations for people who loved everything you did and going on some pretty amazing trips yourself... What could be more fun??

Unfortunately, the reality probably didn't live up to your expectations.

Don't get me wrong, the travel industry is GREAT! And I honestly can't think of a more fun world to be a part of.

But as you've probably figured out, there's a lot more to running a travel agency than designing fabulous vacations. There are bookings to monitor, client concerns to address, money to manage, marketing to be done, and a million other tasks.

There are ways to make all of that easier, but often we get so bogged down in the urgent tasks every day, that we don't have time to invest in the things that will make life easier in the long run.

I've seen it over and over again - agents who started out so hopeful, eventually quitting, or warning new agents "I hope you love this industry because it's a lot of long hours, and no money."

That dream you had for your business? It is SO possible!


But it's not going to happen just by attending conferences, and watching webinars, or participating in Facebook groups.

You can learn all the best marketing tactics and productivity hacks in the world, but if you don't actually put those things you're learning into practice, you'll still be in the exact same position 12 months from now.


Introducing - Travel Geniuses INSIDERS

Hi, I'm Christy. I'm the host of the Travel Geniuses Podcast, and I started INSIDERS for YOU.

INSIDERS is not another educational program that is going to throw a bunch of ideas and knowledge at you that you don't have time to implement.

INSIDERS is for travel agents who are sick of just "learning" how to grow a successful business, and thinking about it, and are ready to start changing their business.


Enrollment for INSIDERS is currently closed. Want to be the first to know when it's open again? Just enter your name and email address below and keep an eye on your inbox!!

Curious about what we do here?


I'm ALWAYS trying to make things better, so reserve the right to make changes, but here's what you can expect:


Every month we'll work through one small action topic that gets you one step closer to the business of your dreams.

There is an overwhelming list of things you know you should do for your business. Things that you know would make your life easier, and help you find new clients, and make your clients love you more... And if you're like me, you want them all in place YESTERDAY!

But there isn't enough time... And even if you did have time, where do you start?

Have you heard the one about how to eat an elephant? "One bite at a time."

Want to know how to transform your business into something you LOVE? One month at a time!!

We're not going to do it all at once, and we're not going to do it in a 6-week bootcamp that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and "behind". We're going to do it in a way that's easy, and painless. After a few month's you'll look back and be amazed at what you accomplished without even realizing it.

One month we might optimize the newsletter sign-up process on your website. The next month we might organize your favorite suppliers, so planning vacations within your niche and specialties is faster (and even something you can have a VA help with when you're ready!!)

Other things we'll do - create a system around personally connecting with your clients throughout the year, organize your finances to minimize the feast or famine feeling that you have been told is just part of being a travel agent (and absolutely doesn't have to be) and makes tax time stress free! We'll also work on systems around marketing, and boundaries, and referrals.



There are usually MANY different ways to do something, and I do not know them all. So one of my FAVORITE things to do (and a favorite of current Insiders) is to have a group brainstorming call where everyone shares their ideas. I can almost guarantee you'll walk away from these sessions with an idea you wouldn't have thought of on your own.


WORK HAPPY HOURS (formerly known as co-working sessions) 

Work happy hours are private Zoom calls JUST for members of INSIDERS. We'll meet virtually on a Zoom call, check-in, and then work independently for the allotted time. We'll use a modified Pomodoro Technique, so we'll work for 25 minutes, take a 5-minute break (where you MUST get up from your desk) Work again for another 25 minutes, and then go on with your day.

I know it sounds silly because - you could just do this on your own, right? Just schedule a time to write your newsletter and get it done.

Except it doesn't get done because - the dog needs to go out, and you need to check your email, or a client calls, or your best friend wants to meet for lunch... And who's going to know if you put it off until tomorrow?

The problem is, tomorrow never comes and the important work never gets done, and a year later your business is in the same place it is today. ASK ME HOW I KNOW!

This has been SO helpful for those who have participated and has turned into a great benefit of the group.


I do have more ideas, that could happen as the group grows, and I figure out how to make them work 🙂
  • Celebrations and acknowledgment of a job well done! I don't know how I'm going to do this yet, but most of the work we'll be doing in INSIDERS won't pay off right away. And because you're the boss, there's not anyone else telling you that you've done a good job, and giving you credit for the hard stuff you're doing. (Honestly, you're more likely to beat yourself up for not doing MORE than you are to celebrate your wins)
  • A weekly check-in and check-out to keep you accountable and on track. Listen, I'm not going to be showing up at your door if you haven't done the work, but I've found that just tracking my progress on the metrics that are important to me, and reviewing my week and considering what worked, and what didn't, has made a massive difference in my business. And I want that for you, too. But if you're like me, it won't get done if it's not easy, so I am working on a way to make it super easy.
  • Guest experts, if possible. If I know someone who is an expert on a task we're working on, I will do my best to arrange a private training or Q&A call with them. Depending on the person, it's MUCH more likely to happen as the group grows, so tell your friends!
  • Private Q&A calls with podcast guests. I have a lot of guests scheduled to be on the show this year, from authors, to coaches, to travel industry experts. If there's enough interest I may be able to talk them into a private Q&A session JUST for INSIDERS.
  • ??? What else? I have more ideas, but this is for YOU, not me, so I'll be collecting suggestions from members inside the group, too.


Enrollment for INSIDERS is currently closed. Want to be the first to know when it's open again? Just enter your name and email address below and keep an eye on your inbox!!


Q   What if I want to cancel? 

I plan to provide so much value, you'll never want to 🙂 However, you are welcome to cancel at any time. While we won't issue refunds for past or current months, there's no penalty, and no minimum number of months you need to remain a member.

Simply email me at least 3 days before your next billing date to ensure I have time to process your cancelations. All requests made after that date will take effect at the end of the next billing cycle.

Q   I'm a new agent / I'm an experienced agent, will the things we're learning apply to me? 

Yes! The ideas we'll be working through are applicable to almost any business, period. We'll be working through things like, setting up a system to get referrals, how to manage your money, mindset, customer experience... All. The. Business. Things.

And I'll try to include some advanced strategies so that if you already have that particular system or process in place, there will be suggestions for improving it or taking it a step further.

Q   How much time will this take? 

I know you're super busy, so I'm not trying to add another hour's worth of tasks to your already overloaded day. BUT I want this to work for you, too, you know? I don't want this to be another thing you sign up for that doesn't get you results or bring about the changes you want to see in your business.

My intent is that this will require no more than an hour of work each week. Probably less most weeks.

There may be weeks when you have to set something up, that requires a bit more time, and then other weeks where you're just spending 15 minutes making some decisions about your business.

I promise to do everything I can to balance making this manageable and effective for you.

Q   Are there any additional costs? 

Ok, that's not really a question anyone has asked me, but I wanted a way to make sure you knew that, depending on your business and the work we're doing, you may want to invest in some tools like an email marketing provider, a CRM, etc. But these are normal business expenses, so not really expenses related to the course.

Q   What if I have a question you haven't answered yet? 

Let me know! You can reach me HERE.




Enrollment for INSIDERS is currently closed. Want to be the first to know when it's open again? Just enter your name and email address below and keep an eye on your inbox!!