Mindset, Limiting Beliefs, and Other Woo-Woo Stuff for Travel Agents

In this episode, we’re talking about Mindset, Limiting beliefs, and other things that you may not think about, but that can really affect the success of your business.

Even if this isn’t something you necessarily believe in, or don’t think could possibly affect your business, I hope you’ll give it a listen. I didn’t really think much of it, either, until I learned a few things that really opened my eyes, and changed my business.

You’ll find links to everything mentioned below the podcast.

Here are the links to the resources mentioned in this episode:

(Some of these may be affiliate links. But please rest assured that I don’t ever recommend anything that I don’t personally use, or wouldn’t recommend to my mom (if she was a travel agent)

  • You Are a Badass – by Jen Sincero
  • Denise Duffield Thomas
  • Denise’s Money Bootcamp – I’ve been told now that this will open in JUNE of this year. If you’d like to go through the bootcamp, and participate in a private group JUST FOR TRAVEL GENIUSES let me know. I’ll put you on the list and will give you a special link just for us at that time.
  • Denise’s book – Get Rich Lucky Bitch (YOU GUYS! I don’t know why everyone I learn from swears in their books. 🙂 I’m sorry if you’re offended)

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TRANSCRIPT (coming soon)

(please note that this is a transcript, not a written blog post, or article. It’s pretty much word for word what was said on the podcast, which is just me talking to you, my friends, so will sound different than something I wrote.)