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There are 2 components to your website.

The first is the design. This involves choosing a pre-designed template, or assembling one to create a more custom look for your site. We then add all of the elements to the site: some cool features, your photos, logo, content, colors, and fonts

The second component is the hosting and maintenance. This is what makes your site work. This includes your hosting, security, software updates, adding new content and new features, and making sure everything is running correctly.

We don't sell one without the other. If you were to move one of our sites to another hosting platform, that is slow, or doesn't get updated, and isn't monitored for hacks, the whole thing could fall apart. And if we were to accept a website build and designed by someone else, we can't guarantee that it was built to our standards, or with sloppy code, using insecure software...

And, ultimately, our goal isn't just to give you a pretty website. We want to help you grow your business. And part of that is constantly staying on top of the maintenance and security of your site, and building a long-term partnership with you.

Sound good? Keep reading for details of our packages.


Customized Template

  • Choose from any of our templates designed just for travel agents
  • Save money - fast turnaround
  • Customized with your own colors, fonts, logo, photos and text
  • 9 pages included: Home Page, About Page, Services Page, How we work page, Contact Page, Blog, Thank You page, *Privacy Policy and *Terms of Service

    *These are generic legal forms and are NOT customized for any specific needs you may have
  • Designed for Mobile - More than 50% of website visitors are using mobile devices, and Google now ranks mobile friendly sites higher in mobile search
  • SEO tools baked in - SEO "meter" to help you as you create content, new blog posts automatically posted to your Google+ account for better Google Search indexing, site map submitted to Google, updates sent to over 60 indexing sites every time you publish a new post
  • Linked to social media accounts and tools built in to ensure they post correctly
  • Linked to Google Analytics so you can track your sites performance
  • Newsletter sign up form linked to your email service provider
  • Scheduling software installed so clients and prospects can easily schedule time with you
  • Stock photos if needed We'll purchase these for you to fill in gaps when you don't have your own photos
  • Video tutorials so you'll always know how to update your site yourself (if you want to)
  • NO ads NO "specials" NO supplier or consortia promotions.

Semi-Custom Website

  • Everything included in the Customized Template package, PLUS
  • Additional customization options - Want to add a feature to your home page? or combine elements from several of our pre-designed content pages? You can do that. Mix and match content blocks, move things around - make it YOURS!
  • 3 additional pages /content templates of your choice: Groups, Hosted Trips, Our Team, Agent Profile page, Events, etc.
  • 2 Revisions If you don't like the way it looks, we can make adjustments for you.
  • Set up of payment page so you can have clients pay fees right on your site. (requires monthly Blog Support or Advanced Support plan.)
  • Set up and design of one popup so you can increase newsletter subscriptions. (requires monthly Blog Support or Advanced Support plan.)

Fully Customized Site

We don't do that!
  • A completely custom design costs thousands of dollars and takes a months to build. There's no need for it and it's not worth it, so go back and pick either one of our gorgeous templates, or our build your own package.


Website Care and Hosting - Limited Support

$40 per month
  • ** Best for sites that aren't changed often, or for agents who are comfortable updating pages and blog posts themselves
  • Super fast hosting Google thinks the speed of your site is really important and ranks fast sites higher in search results
  • Advanced Security to protect your site from hackers and viruses (code kept up to date, SSL certificate, daily virus scans, lock out suspicious login activity etc.)
  • Daily backups so your site is up and running again quickly if the unthinkable does happen
  • Ability to edit and add blog posts and pages
  • Access to video training
  • Additional support available at standard rate of $40/hour for simple post and page updates, or $80 per hour for advanced work.

Website Care and Hosting + Blog Support

$60 per month
  • ** Best for agents who want to grow their business and add new blog posts every month (without the headache).
  • Everything in Website Care and Hosting PLUS:
  • Pop up technology Popups are proven to dramatically increase signups. Want to grow your email list fast? You need this.
  • Collect payments Allow clients to pay planning fees directly on your website.
  • 30 minutes of Basic Support time. This includes editing, updating, or adding blog posts and/or editing content of existing pages
    *Minimum 15 minutes per task
    *Does not roll over from month to month
  • Additional support at 12.5% off our standard rates:
    *Billed in 15 minute increments.

Website Care and Hosting + Advanced Support

$75 per month
  • ** Best for agents who like to update their sites frequently with new functionality, updates to events, hosted cruises etc.
  • Everything in Website Care and Hosting PLUS
  • Popup technology Popups are proven to dramatically increase signups. Want to grow your email list fast? You need this.
  • Collect Payments Allow clients to pay planning fees directly on your website.
  • 30 minutes of Advanced Support This includes designing and/or building a new page, form, or pop-up, connecting to an outside service, adding additional functionality, fixing errors (you updated a page and it broke something, etc.)
    *Minimum 15 minutes per task
    *Does not roll over
  • Additional support time available at 25% discount:
    *Billed in 15 minute increments
  • Priority email support