Productivity hacks (for your brain)


Productivity does NOT mean figuring out how to do things faster, so you can cram more into your day! It means, automating or getting rid of the busy work so you have more energy and clarity for the things that are important.

In this episode, we’re talking about how to automate some of your BRAINS busy work.

You’ll find a list of the things mentioned in this episode below the podcast player.

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  • The hacks mentioned in this episode:
    • Automate your Habits
    • Standardize as many parts of your day as possible
    • Create lists and use checklists
      • I use Trello
      • Process Street is a great tool for checklists.
      • Manifestly is the one I used to like. It’s quite expensive if you’re just one person, though.
    • Create canned email responses
    • Create rules for your business.

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