The importance of taking time away from your business

I know we sometimes feel like we have to work work work work work and if we take a break, everything we’ve worked for will come crashing down around us.

The truth is – the exact opposite is true. Taking time away from your business will not only not cause your business to fail, it will make it better than you ever dreamed!

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How to design your life so that you aren’t working all day, every day. 

  • Set boundaries!
    • What hours in the day will you set aside as non- work time?
    • Will you quit at a certain time each evening? Or set aside several hours in the middle of the day?
    • What are the limits you’ll put on your weekend work?
  • Use productivity hacks so you don’t waste time on the tasks you have to do. Do NOT fill this extra time with more work. 🙂
  • Accept B- work
  • Be selective about who you follow and pay attention to. Are they living the life you want? Are they teaching things that feel right and good to you? That will help you build the life you want?
  • Be selective about what you say “YES” to. Clients, marketing opportunities, webinars, conferences, FAM trips… Will that opportunity help you build the life and business you dream of?
  • Plan your free time! Make a list things you enjoy doing that don’t have ANYTHING to do with your business. Keep it on your phone. And when you have that downtime, do those things!

If you’re already overwhelmed and overscheduled, prioritize – what HAS to get done TODAY? Do those things. Repeat this until you’re caught up, then change it to – what has to get done by tomorrow… repeat until you are a few days ahead, and then start scheduling that free time in your schedule.


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