Episode 20 - Travel Agent Website Pet Peeves with Emily Matras

In this episode, we’re talking about websites again! And we’ve got the wonderful Emily Matris back to help us out.

You’ll find links to everything mentioned below the podcast.

Here are the links to the resources mentioned in this episode:

(Some of these may be affiliate links. But please rest assured that I don’t ever recommend anything that I don’t personally use, or wouldn’t recommend to my mom (if she was a travel agent)

  • You can find out more about Emily, and how to work with her, on her website: www.bonvivantcopy.com
  • The book They Ask, You Answer, by Marcus Sheridan will help you if you’re having trouble with the idea that the more information you share, the better.
  • The book Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug Is a great book about simplicity in the user experience on a website. But goodness – it’s expensive now! Apparently, it’s now a textbook? But very worth it if you’re interested in web design at all.
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TRANSCRIPT (coming soon)

(please note that this is a transcript, not a written blog post, or article. It’s pretty much word for word what was said on the podcast, which is just me talking to you, my friends, so will sound different than something I wrote.)