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Individual Episodes and Show Notes:

Welcome to 2022! Is it over yet??

I know it’s just started, but 2022 already feels HARD! If you feel that way, too, I have some suggestions to help you get through this month, and come out the other side feeling a little more hopefully, and ready for all the GOOD that 2022 is sure to bring… Want to take things even…

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3 questions you need to answer before you set goals or make plans for the new year

This is my favorite week of the year – Christmas is over (including all the shopping, and wrapping, and baking, and parties) but things are still slow. Many people are still off work, and just not back into real life yet. It’s the perfect time to think about and get excited for the new year.…

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Feeling overwhelmed? Maybe it’s time to let some things go

This time of year can be really stressful for a lot of people. There just seems to be so much we have to do, and not anywhere near enough time to do it all. Except… how much of that stuff do you really HAVE to do? Could you adjust your expectations (personal and business) and…

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My predictions on the future of social media content

I’ve been noticing a shift in my use of social media, and I think a big change in the way people use social media is heading our way. I want you to be ahead of it! So I’m letting you in on my predictions. I’m also preparing for 2022, and would love to know how…

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5 ways your website is hurting your travel business – and how to fix it

I’m just going to come out and say it – I think a lot of these “websites for travel agents” not only don’t HELP you grow your travel business but do a lot to HARM your business. In this episode, I’m sharing why I think that, and offering some (fairly) simple things you can do…

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Some of my favorite books for travel agents

I LOVE books, and I’m kind of famous for recommending the BEST books to help in certain situations. In this episode, I’m sharing some of my favorites – around mindset, money, business, and life. Want to take things even further? Sign up for INSIDERS and get access to additional training and coaching for your business.…

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Is your travel business growing slower than you hoped? Maybe that’s a GOOD thing!

I know there are a lot of new agents joining the industry right now. And for a lot of experienced agents, you’re restarting your business after this long… pause. And things might not be growing as quickly as you’d like… In this episode, I’ll share why that might just be a good thing! You’ll find…

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How setting expectations in your travel business can lead to happier clients

Setting expectations for your clients is ALWAYS a good idea, but especially now, when the travel experience is often much different than we’re used to, it can ensure your clients have a wonderful experience, even when things don’t go as planned. In this episode, I’ll share some things it would be good to set expectations…

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Setting boundaries in your travel business.

Have you ever quit a job, and realized after you left just how toxic and unhealthy it was? Some of you are feeling that way after having this forced break from your business for a while. It’s hard to want to go back to long hours and little pay… But you don’t have to! This…

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