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Individual Episodes and Show Notes:

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I tend to have 2 modes: Way behind on everything and panicked because I have too much to do, and not enough time OR Way ahead on things so I  mess around and don’t get stuff done until I find myself way behind on everything and panicked because I have too much to do… Which…

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Are you ready to finally grow your travel business?

I’ve got some tough love for you in this episode. If you’ve been playing small, and holding back when you should be talking about what you do, and how you can help people, you need to listen to this episode. Want to take things even further? Sign up for INSIDERS and get access to additional…

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How to really believe in the value you bring as a travel agent

It’s one thing to SAY you think what you do provides real value to your travelers, it’s another thing to really believe it at your core. In this episode I’m hoping to help you really believe it. Want to take things even further? Sign up for INSIDERS and get access to additional training and coaching…

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What travel agents need to know about working with an attorney

Covid has made us see so many problems in our industry, and one of the biggest is how vulnerable we are, legally, if we don’t have good contracts and terms and conditions in place to protect us. We know we need to protect ourselves, but hiring an attorney feels very overwhelming and out of reach…

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How to manage your money as a travel agent

This is a subject that not many people discuss in the travel industry, but it’s VITAL that you deal with it if you want to grow a successful business. Of all the topics I’ve ever covered… this might be the most important one yet. You’ll find links to everything mentioned below the podcast. Here are…

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Tips for getting re-motivated and excited about your business

2020 has been hard, especially for those of us in the travel industry. It can be hard to feel excited about your business after a year like that, and even harder to feel motivated to work on it when the coming year is still so uncertain. In this episode I’m sharing what I’m doing to…

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Tips for dealing with insecurity and imposter syndrome

Have you been feeling… not good enough lately? Like maybe you aren’t really cut out to be a travel agent, or a business owner? Like everyone else has their stuff together, and you’re the only one struggling? Like the next client you get is going to be the one who finds out that you don’t…

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A completely different business model for travel agents

This could be the best, and most impactful episode yet. Our world is never going to be the same, and that is especially true about the travel industry, and travel agents specifically. The way we think about and run our business has GOT to change if we want to continue helping our clients have amazing…

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How and Why to Start Selling US Vacations

My prediction is that travel within the US is going to be HOT for the next year, or even 2. And I want you to be prepared for that! In this episode, I offer some tips to position you and your business so that your clients come to you to book these trips, and see…

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