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Individual Episodes and Show Notes:

Things You Need on Your Website

In this episode, I talked about your website, and a few really easy things you should be sure to include on your homepage if you want your website to help you build your audience and attract new customers.  Links to any resources are below, as well as a list of the website features discussed in…

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A low stress way to keep your social media accounts full of new content

In this episode, I’m sharing a system I’ve created (using a few really cool tools) that makes it super easy to keep my social media accounts full of content, even when I’m out of the country with limited internet access. Links to all of the resources are below, including a link to the videos showing…

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Create a Business You Love

In this episode, I’m talking about something that is very near and dear to my heart, and the WHOLE REASON I’ve created Travel Geniuses in the first place – to help you create and design a business you love.  You do great things for people and have the best job in the whole world, there’s…

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Choosing a niche for your travel business

Choosing a Niche for Your Travel Business

In this episode, we’re talking about choosing a niche – why it’s important, and a different take on it and what it means.  You’ll find links to all of the resources mentioned below the podcast. I’ve also created a free workbook to help you organize your thoughts about it, and choose the right niche for…

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Travel Agent Client Gifts

Make your Client Gifts Work For You

In this episode, we’re talking about some of my favorite things – presents! But these really are more than just presents for your clients. If you do this right, you’ll not only show your clients that you appreciate them, but will get them talking about you to their friends, without even realizing it! You’ll find…

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FREE time saving tools travel agents can use every day

In this episode, I’m sharing my very favorite FREE tools. These are tools that save me a lot of time and save me from a lot of stress. I literally use them every day. You’ll find links to all of the tools below the podcast. Here are the links to the resources mentioned in this…

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Episode 0 – What’s this podcast about anyway?

If you’re curious what this podcast is all about, listen to this short pre-episode where I explain it all. Or try to. I have BIG plans, so make sure you subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss anything!!   Are you a Travel Genius? You can get access to ALL of the downloads for…

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