I want Insiders to be one of the best investments you've ever made in your business, so I'm always looking for ways to improve this program.

One of the comments I hear a lot from many of you is "I'm a little behind..." Or “I'm trying to catch up..." And that makes me so sad! And is a huge sign that something's not working.

I don't EVER want this to be something that adds more stress to your life. My entire motivation for starting this program was to help you start to do some of those things for your business that you want to do, and know that you should do, but never seem to have time for.

Have you ever designed an itinerary for a client and crammed as much as possible in? 5 cities in a week, and activities planned every hour of the day…  You wanted to provide as much value as possible, but what you really did was exhaust them.

What you probably know now, is that if you build in a lot of space into the itinerary so they can slow down and relax a bit, they’ll enjoy their vacation, instead of coming home needing a vacation from their vacation.

The same is true with a program like this. My instinct is to provide a ton of value with lots of lessons and videos and worksheets… But instead of that resulting in you feeling like you have more space in your business, it left you sometimes feeling overwhelmed.

What makes a program like this valuable are the changes it brings to your business. NOT the number of modules you work through.

I know that when you’ve been able to implement the things we’ve been working they’ve made a big impact on your business, and I want you to get MORE of that!


This is all subject to change, but right now this is the plan.

At the beginning of the month I’ll be releasing one Action Plan. It will include an introduction to what we’ll be doing, why it’s important, the impact this change will make in your business, and suggestions for how to implement it in your business.

Of course, this will also include a worksheet or checklist to help you visualize what you’ll be doing vs it just being a thought in your head.


During the 2nd week of the month we’ll have a brainstorming and Q&A session where we’ll all brainstorm ideas on different ways to implement this in your business, and you’ll get a chance to ask follow up questions, or to ask for help if you’re not sure how to apply it to your business.


By the 3rd week you should have had time to make a plan and get all your questions answered, now it’s time for an Action Happy Hour so you can do the work. I’ll reach out this week, as well, to see how it’s going, and to make sure you’re not stuck and don’t have questions you didn’t think to ask during the brainstorming / Q&A session.


The last week of every month I’ll be sending out a special email with a checklist of recurring monthly and quarterly maintenance tasks for anything we’ve already covered.

Things like - transferring money into your different saving accounts, addressing cards to send to clients next month, choosing the topic for your next 3 pieces of content…

My hope is that this will help you maintain those systems and good habits even after we’ve done the initial work.

I’ll also host another Action Happy Hour this week, if there’s enough interest, so you’ll have a time on your calendar scheduled to you can complete anything you didn’t get done the previous week and tie up any loose ends OR work on those monthly maintenance items.

I have a few other ideas, but those are the big changes.


I want to be sure to balance all of the needs of your business and will generally cycle through the following areas:

  • Setting up systems and processes to make your business run smoother and prevent busy work
  • Designing and improving your client experience so every client is treated like a VIP and will never leave you AND will tell all their friends about you, too.
  • Your Website
  • Back Office Tasks
  • Marketing

Below are some of my ideas for the first few months:

  • Set up your email marketing system (mail chimp, etc) and your welcome sequence (the series of emails that will go out when someone first signs up for your newsletter)
  • Record and add a video to your newsletter sign up form and contact form on your website. (This was in the most recent lesson, but I’m guessing not many of you have done it, and I think it will make such a huge difference! So I want to dedicate a month to getting that done and on your site)
  • Decide which boundaries you’d like for your business (when you’ll work, how you’ll work, who you’ll work with), and create a system to help you protect those boundaries (including deciding in advance what you’ll say if someone doesn’t want to respect your boundaries)
  • Set up your bank accounts and an automated system for saving for taxes, slow seasons, etc.
  • Create a system for following up with prospects, including deciding in advance what you’ll say, how, and when.
  • Create a system for keeping track of your favorite supplier partners to cut down on the time you spend designing itineraries and preparing proposals and final documents.
  • And so much more!!!


So I’m making the following changes:

CHANGE #1: We’ll be focusing on just one actionable task per month. In theory, one task per week seems like a doable pace. And while it might be sustainable for a few weeks, it’s not something that’s realistic long term, when you have so many other things on your plate.

So going forward (after we’re done with the Anti-Marketing program) I’m going to slow it down to just one each month.

Depending on your workload right now you’re either jumping for joy, or moaning because you’re in a hurry and you want all the things in place NOW.

Or a little bit of both.

And I absolutely get this. I’m feeling the same way. I’ve been brainstorming a list of topics we’ll cover, and planning out the first few months, and it’s so hard not to add more!!!

I want you to have a business that you enjoy, that earns you money, and doesn’t take over your life YESTERDAY!!

I wish I could wave a magic wand and put all the systems and tools in place for your business so it runs more smoothly, with fewer mistakes, less time, and happier clients…

BUT I know that when you try to do too much you very quickly start to feel overwhelmed, and eventually give up. I don’t want that!

You’ve probably heard the joke - how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time… The same is true when building a successful, and sustainable business… You do it one task at a time.

I’ll be sharing some of my topic ideas below, but would love to know what you’d love to work on, too. What have you really been wishing you had in place in your business, but just haven’t had time, or didn’t know where to start?

CHANGE #2: We won’t be following a book anymore. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, I learn from a lot of people and places, and while I’ve chosen my favorites for us to work through in the past, there really isn’t one person who knows everything about a particular subject, so I would love the freedom to pull from a lot of different resources.

I’m also incredibly lazy, and a big believer in the 80/20 rule, which means that I believe that you can get 80% of the results with just 20% of the work.

And while most of the content in most books is good, and useful, it’s not all necessary. I’d rather just focus on the 20% that will make the biggest impact on your business.

So going forward we’ll be focusing on specific topics or tasks and pulling from a lot of different resources. Of course, I’ll provide you with the names of my favorite books and other resources if you want to dig deeper. 🙂

CHANGE #3: I’m changing the name and format for co-working times. I love these. I get so much done during these focused work hours, but I think they could be better.

First, we’re going to follow a modified pomodoro method during the calls. If you’re not familiar with the pomodoro method, it’s essentially just focusing on a task for 25 minutes or so, then taking a 5 minute break, and repeating that 4 times.

Don’t worry, I am not going to ask you to spend 2 hours on a zoom call with me 🙂 We’ll just run 2 cycles (so an hour total) but I am going to add that 5 minute break in there. And I’m going to tell you to leave your desk, get some water, stretch a bit if you want… Just give your eyes, body, and brain a little bit of a break.

I’m also changing the name because co-working doesn’t sound much fun. This is subject to change but I think I’m going to call them Action Happy Hours from now one because happy hour is fun! And taking action and making improvements to your business should be fun, too, and something you look forward to.

You can play some music that makes you happy, and bring your favorite “treat” drink - a favorite tea or that fancy coffee you only get on special occasions (or a mimosa? You’re the boss, you can do what you want 😉  and come ready to enjoy the experience.


And no, that’s not code for “Tell me you’re excited, too!”

This program is for YOU so I’d really love to know your thoughts about the changes, and how your experience has been so far. What has worked? What changes have you made to your business as a result of the work we’ve done in Insiders?

And what hasn’t worked? Have you felt overwhelmed? Is there something about the way it’s structured that hasn’t worked for you? What do you WISH was part of the program?

What are your thoughts on those first few Action Items I just listed? Which ones are you really excited about? Are there any you’re NOT excited about?

What Action Items would you like me to add to the list? What has been on your business todo list for EVER, that you really want to get done, but haven’t found the time for, or would just love to have some additional support around?

None of this is set in stone yet, so I’m 1,000% open to your suggestions and feedback. 🙂

Thanks so much for coming on this journey with me. I know things are just going to get better.