Dear Travel Agent,

I’m mad.  

I’m mad at how little respect travel agents get. It should be the most exciting, glamorous job in the world. And instead, for most, it’s long hours, with little pay, and even less respect. 

And it’s our fault. 

For too long we’ve humbly accepted the crumbs that the rest of the industry tossed our way. 

We’ve constantly deferred to them - for our marketing materials, for our education, for our value! 

We’ve let them control our income. 

And we’ve let them tell us, and the world, that we aren’t needed. 

And I’m not willing to accept that anymore. 

I’m done being meek, and accommodating. And I’m done accepting whatever it is they want to give us.

I want to turn this profession on it’s head. 

I want you to see your business as a real business, not something that you do because you love travel, even though you don't earn much. 

I want the education you receive to teach you how to grow your business, how to be wildly profitable, and how to promote the value that you bring to every vacation planning experience. 

I want that value to come from your knowledge, and your experience, and the magic that only you can provide. 

I want your income to be in YOUR control, not the control of some CEO who decided to cut commission, again. 

It won’t be easy. It will require working together, taking risks, being bold, and taking full responsibility for your business.

But it will be so worth it. 

Are you in? 

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